"Product Management is an essential part of delivering the corporate strategy: analyzing the market, voicing the user's needs, guiding development and aligning the resources to deliver."

To make the most of their digital transformation, corporations need to implement new ways of working. All too often, they will take the easy way out by “adding digital technology” instead of “transforming digitally.” Usage of digital technology is often mistaken, just as is seen when a mobile application gets plugged directly into a legacy enterprise solution. Next generation solutions, connected and packed into old models is seemingly quick and low effort, but this brings along many disappointments.

Product teams often struggle to communicate and manage value propositions that delight users. Customers do not want features, they look for solved problems, and will walk away instantly when a service doesn't deliver.

Even when companies have the knowledge to develop a revolutionary service or technology, this doesn’t guarantee success. A major challenge for product teams is the ability to translate needs and features into customer and user-centric benefits.

In order to truly be digital, businesses must rethink, re-architect and rebuild their entire business around customer empathy, internal process reviews and the ecosystem partnerships that can be created to become a true digital player. Making best use of the rapidly evolving digital solutions in the market requires methodical Management and the ability to establish technology partnerships with the best suited external providers.