Insights 2018-04-12 | Finance in 10 years from now

Financial thought leader Huy Nguyen Trieu: “My view is that in the next 10 years, finance will be a very different industry,” he said. “A good comparison is what happened in advertising during the last 10 years: think of a world before Google and after Google, and how business models have changed in advertising. The same is now happening in finance.”

“There will be increasing demand for new types of roles within finance, from product managers to AI scientists. There will be huge opportunities for finance professionals if they acquire the right skills and have the right mindset,” he said. “But if they don’t, there is a risk that their jobs could be at risk because of the automation trend.”

Trieu is former MD at Citi Group; a founding partner of SuperCharger, one of Asia’s leading fintech accelerators; co-founder of CFTE, an education platform for professionals to acquire the skills for digital finance; and the CEO of The Disruptive Group, a business builder in finance.

‘In 10 years, finance will be a very different industry’

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